Vijayalakshmi B Indian Academy of Sciences

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For her exploration she concentrated on relativistic wave conditions and their extents. She lapsed on twelfth May 1985 at 33 years old because of malignant growth. She had 11 papers shockingly in global diaries.

A portion from the distribution “A brave battle of a researcher with a disease “:For her investigation she focused on relativistic wave conditions and their degrees. She passed on twelfth old in light of harmful development. She had 11 papers shockingly in worldwide journals .A choice from the circulation “A brave clash of a specialist with an infection”:” Viji joined the Department of Theoretical Physics in 1974 directly following getting her Masters from Seetha Lakshmi Ramaswamy College, Tiruchirappalli. Hers was a moderate establishment, and it was shocking that she could overcome standard s**  limits and view at research as a decision. Our advice was Professor P. M. Mathews, who was the head of division around then, at that point.

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Consistently smiling and very much arranged, Viji analyzed the graduated class courses with me like another understudy. Once, while we were looking at our work, she imparted some misery and I enquired about it. Looking straightforwardly toward me like to check my reaction, she addressed that she still up in the air to have broad sickness of the stomach and the stomach region. I was staggered and dumbfounded for two or three seconds. Later she let me in on that her critical point was to make some impressive investigation responsibility and be seen as a physicist and that her speedy goal was to finished her assessment degree preceding anything happened to her.”

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