Vijayalakshmi B Indian Academy of Sciences

For her exploration she concentrated on relativistic wave conditions and their extents. She lapsed on twelfth May 1985 at 33 years old because of malignant growth. She had 11 papers shockingly in global diaries.


A portion from the distribution “A brave battle of a researcher with a disease”:For her investigation she focused on relativistic wave conditions and their degrees. She passed on twelfth old in light of harmful development. She had 11 papers shockingly in worldwide journals.A choice from the circulation “A brave clash of a specialist with an infection”:”Viji joined the Department of Theoretical Physics in 1974 directly following getting her Masters from Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College,Tiruchirapalli. Hers was a moderate establishment, and it was shocking that she could overcome standard sex limits and view at research as a decision. Our advice was Professor P. M. Mathews, who was the head of division around then, at that point. Consistently smiling and very much arranged, Viji analyzed the graduated class courses with me like another understudy. Once, while we were looking at our work, she imparted some misery and I enquired about it. Looking straightforwardly toward me like to check my reaction, she addressed that she still up in the air to have broad sickness of the stomach and the stomach region. I was staggered and dumbfounded for two or three seconds. Later she let me in on that her critical point was to make some impressive investigation responsibility and be seen as a physicist and that her speedy goal was to finished her assessment degree preceding anything happened to her.”

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Tv9ceoRaviPrakash CasteKayastha (additionally alluded to as Kayasth) signifies a bunch of different Indian people group comprehensively ordered by the districts of the Indian subcontinent wherein they were customarily found—the Chitraguptavanshi Kayasthas of North India, the Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus of Maharashtra and the Bengali Kayasthas of Bengal. Each of the three were generally thought of “composing stations”, who had generally served the decision abilities as managers, clergymen and record-attendants.

Tv9RaviPrakash Caste

The soonest known reference to the expression “Kayastha” traces all the way back to the Kushan Empirewhen it developed into a typical name for an author or copyist. In the Sanskrit writing and engravings, it was utilized to indicate the holders of a specific classification of workplaces in the taxpayer driven organization In this unique circumstance, the term conceivably got from kaya-(head, capital, depository) and – stha (to remain) and maybe initially represented an official of imperial depository, or the income office.

Throughout the long term, the word related narratives of Kayastha people group generally rotated around scribal administrations. In any case, these recorders didn’t just take transcription however acted in the scope of limits better showed by the expression “secretary”. They utilized their preparation in law, writing, court language, bookkeeping, suit and numerous different regions to satisfy liabilities in this large number of scenes. Kayasthas, alongside Brahmins, approached formal instruction just as their own means of showing organization, including bookkeeping, in the early-archaic India.

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Kamalamma Dasappa

Her honors incorporate Mountbatten prize for the best paper from the Institute of Electrical and Radio Engineering, UK, the J C Bose Memorial prize for the best exploration paper from the Institution of Engineers. First lady employee at IISc, she resigned as a Professor in . Had some expertise in the field of microwave designing and radio wires designing.

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A portion from “Fortunate to be the place where I am”:

“I was brought into the world in a moderate, receptive family, not maybe already spoiled out of my mind, however clearly with a book close by! My family, an enormous broadened one as was normal back then, were all genuinely all around read, even the young ladies, and were urged to partake in any action we picked. My grandma, Kamalamma Dasappa, was one of the absolute first ladies graduates in the recent Mysore State, and was extremely dynamic in the field of ladies’ schooling, particularly those of widows and abandoned spouses. To help the reason for young ladies’ schooling, she started the setting up of a sped up school prospectus, which allowed understudies to complete their registration by the age of 14 or somewhere in the vicinity. This was done in the “Uncommon English School” run by the “Mahila Seva Samaja”, and a portion of my cousins and I went through this course”

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Sipra Guha-Mukherjee Indian Academy of Sciences

A recipient of the Senior National Bio-scientist Award, the Om Prakash Bhasin Foundation Award in Biotechnology and the Kanishka Award. She was Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Her field of specialization was plant tissue culture, plant molecular biology, biotechnology and cell biology.


Sipra Guha-Mukherjee


She Decided to study botany because it was favorite subject in school. As a school student, she was awed by the contribution of Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, and fascinated by his work that showed that plants were living organisms and had a metabolism similar to that of animals. 


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